Immediate Fat Removal
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  1. Immediate Results.
    UltraSlim is the only noninvasive procedure for immediate fat loss. All patients lost fat immediately, without dieting, exercise, pills or surgery. Patients lose an average of 3.5" and 1.6 liters of fat at each visit.
  2. Durability
    Patients seen at follow-up had lost an additional 1 1/8" of fat during the week following treatment.
  3. Works For Everyone.
    Every patient had clinically significant losses at each visit, ranging from 717ml to 4,608ml (1 5/8" to 10" from the waist, hips, and thighs).
  4. Proven Results
    In multi-site clinical trials, UltraSlim was proven 100% effective for all patients. Losses at each visit ranged from 1 5/8" and 24 fl. oz. to 10" and 1.2 gallons of fat! Click to check UltraSlim Clinical Trials
  5. A Safer Device.
    UltraSlim Red Light Technology is the only fat reduction device classified in the lowest risk category as a Risk Group 1 device. There are zero side effects, complications, or adverse events.
  6. Unique Technology
    In 2011, Terry J. Ward, M.H.A. invented the patented UltraSlim fat reduction process at our office in Orlando, Florida. Together with research by UltraSlim employees Robyn Hovey and NASA-veteran Heidi Araya, Ward developed a new generation of non-laser red light therapy using light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  7. Clearly Superior Technology
    Most competing technologies use cell-killing apoptosis caused by cold, heat, radio waves, or ultrasound. Those technologies risk dangerous side effects and adverse outcomes, and always result in dysmorphic fat accumulations for patients who subsequently gain weight.
  8. Safe Environment
    All our treatments are performed in a Doctor's office. A initial Free Consultation is required to ensure all patients are eligible for the treatments.
Why Choose Us?
    Ellyn Levine, M.D
    Founder, Trilogy Health, La Mesa, California
    "It's incredible to be able to offer immediate results to patients.”
    Safe Procedure
    UltraSlim is the safest procedure
    UltraSlim Professional is the only device with clearance approved by FDA for dramatic immediate fat reduction.
    100% Natural Procedure
    UltraSlim is a patented process
    whereby the body releases and voids the fat cell contents using only the energy of a special type of light and the body's natural detoxification.
    No worries
    No Downtime or Pain
    UltraSlim uses the safest noninvasive fat removal device, with no side effects or adverse outcomes.
    *Ask for full refund policy
    Our Promise
    If you do not lose at least two inches from your waist,hips and thighs during your first hour treatment, then you may cancel and receive a full-refund upon request.
    Stephen Morris
    Former UltraSlim Boca Raton Patient
    My experience was beyond my expectations. The weight loss was rapid (lost 52 lbs in just 3 months), my friends and colleagues tell me I look 10 years younger.

Lose Up to 3 Inches at Your First Visit Guaranteed!

Hi, my name is Karina Gutierrez 

Managing Director at UltraSlim Boca Raton

I am very passionate about Health & Wellness. I am dedicated to help people achieve not only their weight loss goals but their overall well-being. At UtraSlim Boca Raton we only use the safest and most natural procedures and techniques to achieve our patient's goals.. We have designed an unique approach to get the results our patients want: Rapid but Safe weight loss. We combine Holistic Nutrtion, Detox, Red Light Technology and Fitness to name a few to get dramatic resuts in a short period of time.
My staff and I have treated succesfully thousands of patients over the years by developing a customized plan for each patient's individual needs.
Our mission is to have every patient feel and look their best!


Type Of Services

Our state-of-the art proceedures deliver better results than surgery, and without the dangers and downtime.

  • Immediate results, our patients permanently lose an average of 3.4" of fat at the very first session!
  • Lose more fat than with surgery -- more than one liter at the first session!
  • No pain, no needles, no surgery, no downtime, no side effects, no regrets.
  • Guaranteed Results!


"A Journey of A ThousandMiles Begins with One Single Step"
                                                                                                          - Lao Tzu

What Patients Say

  1. My experience was beyond my expectations. The weight loss was rapid (lost 52 lbs in just 3 months), my friends and colleagues tell me I look 10 years younger. I went from a pant size 42 down to a 34, which was my size when I was in my 20's. If your ready to safely and rapidly lose weight, I highly recommend Karina.
    Stephen Morris
  2. My experience with Ultraslim in Boca was amazing. I had stubborn belly fat that was resistant to diet and exercise alone. I am 5 7" And 133 pounds before I started. karina was very encouraging and helpful with diet and exercise plans. The treatments were very easy. After three treatments I could fit into jeans I could not put on in three years. I did lose 3 pounds from this. Karina was wonderful to work with. So I do highly recommend this procedure.
    Alisa Matouka
  3. I had a great experience and definitely was satisfied with the sessions and results. Also very friendly staff, 10/10 would slim again!
    Kenny Tyler
Patient Testimonial
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